How should beginners start home workout

Homeworkout is currently trending due to covid19 crisis and also people who believe home is the best place to commence wellness journey.

The people who are aware about exercises or performed in the past will be able to adapt. Beginners might face hurdles and definitely can injure themselves with one wrong move or lack of awareness. Let us know some basic awareness tips before initiating home workout.

1. Medical prescription- Green signal from doctor to perform physical exercise is the most significant aspect. You never know which past problems can worsen or might occur in future.

2. Outfit- The attire should be the same as worn by people in health clubs. If you skip or wear any random outfit, it might cause you hustle while performing exercises and skin issues.

3. Mat- The exercise mat or yoga mat is like your foundation of good workout. Mat helps to relax your joints, avoid slip and helps your body to exercise efficiently.

4. Warm up & cool down- This should never be skipped from the first day. The most important factor of warm up is that it prepares your muscle and body ready for smooth workout and avoids injuries. The cool down helps your body to relax and attempts best to avoid high muscle soreness.

5. Performing as per video- The one thing you should remember is that compare yourself with ‘you’. Focus on daily betterment and improvement and compete with yourself unless you are preparing for any competition!.

In short never compare yourself with any random person or feel low. You really don’t know their lifestyle, choices, behaviour and daily regime.

Finally, keeping above points in mind; you should begin your home workout. If you are still in turmoil or feel low, you can definitely hire a fitness instructor. The better services come with some investment of money. At the end of day, it is you who decides your overall goals and if you can manage your home workout consistently!

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