Factors that affect strength training

Honestly, we have little control over the factors that affect our strength performance. Strength training is very important aspect in fitness.

They are:

1.GENDER- Males have more muscles than females. Hence strength gain and muscle hypertrophy is more in males, whereas hypertrophy is negligible in females.

2. AGE- Men and Women of all ages can increase their muscle strength. However, strength gain appears to be greatest during 10 to 20 years.

3. MUSCLE LENGTH- People with long muscles have a greater potential for developing size and strength than people with relatively short muscles.


The fibre type dictates the success in an activity. People with a high % of slow twitch fibers have enhanced CV potential (distance runners) while those with a high % of ‘slow- twitch & fast- twitch fibers in the skeletal muscles of most people. Through PRE, fast twitch fibers greatly increase in size and strength.

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