Overview about glutamine and types of fat burners

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine- L- glutamine remains the supplement of choice for many bodybuilders. It is a free- form amino acid that can be found naturally in beans, meat, fish. It is also an important component of protein powders and is one of the 21 non essential amino acids found in the body.

It is widely spread throughout the body and plays an important role in protein metabolism from active glutamine strength is its ability to reduce the amount of muscle deterioration that occurs as a result of intense physical workouts levels of Vitamin consumed during intense exercise could result in Greater susceptibility to illness due to weak meaning of the immune system in addition to determine stolen from the muscles to maintain the immune system must be replaced to keep those muscles building. 

Bodybuilders can benefit of taking out in 10 grams of glutamine each day preferably taken enhance its

 recuperative effects as a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body Lota mind is safe to take all the ingesting excessive amounts could cause an upset stomach.

Fat burners are essentially pills, which contain herbal ingredients such as ephedra, HCA, chitosan and pyruvate, all of which claim to either increase energy, stimulate your metabolism or suppress your appetite

1) Chitosan- It is a substance derived from the external skeletons of marine animals, such as crabs. It binds to fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), which prevents the body from absorbing them. It lives twin lab’s diet fuel with chitosan, biotech’s Fat- B- Gone with chitosan

2) Ephedra- It is a powerful herb grown in Mongolia and China.Ephedrine(an extract of ephedra) is an amphetamine like compound, which stimulates the nervous system and heart. It is an effective treatment for asthma, allergies and sinus problems. Usually marketed for weight loss, performance enhancement, energy or bodybuilding. 

The above fat burners should be taken under the guidance of a nutritionist or dietitian.

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