What should be pre workout and post workout nutrition

Right meals are very important for growth and achieving goals. We will look below and share basic tips to plan your meals accordingly.

Pre workout nutrition

Pre workout meal is the second most important meal of the day top only by the post workout meal. The goal of this meal is to prepare the body for the assault that it will soon be going through. During intense exercise, as stored energy is used up the body will turn to glycogen to replace this energy.

Glycogen is broken down to glucose  which in turn helps to generate energy in the form of ATP and ultimately the very energy is used to contract a muscle. Therefore, it stands to reason that it is important to consume carbohydrates which will help make energy that could be readily available. Not having them will impair the ability to work out to the fullest potential.  Low GI  foods are a good option in the pre workout meal which will help ensure adequate energy levels for the workout.

Post workout nutrition

The muscles need carbohydrates to replace their train fuel sources and they need protein to begin the rebuilding process. The goal of proper post workout nutrition is too quickly and efficiently refuel the muscles and then provide them with the raw materials they need to rebuild themselves to be bigger and stronger. The better the materials provided the better they will be able to do.

Studies have shown that time is truly of essence,  the sooner the body is provided with these materials the quicker it will exit its catabolic state and enter an anabolic state.

The post – workout meal should be heavy on protein and carbohydrates.While protein builds muscle,  do not forget the important role carbohydrates play in the process. By providing an insulin spike, carbs provide the body with an excellent transport system for the nutrients to reach the muscle cells.The insulin release and the sensitivity of the muscle cells is also the reason most recommended taking creatine  at this time.

The above article will help you to get your right nutrition at the right time.

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