Much importance has been attached to pranayama in yoga. It  cleanses the body and knowledge is manifested. Breathing is extremely necessary for purifying mind & body. Pranayama should be part of your daily schedule . It just needs a few minutes but the benefits are exemplary.


1. Pranayama keeps the body fit and healthy. It controls the BMR of our body which helps in fat loss to some extent.

2. We can live a longer life while practicing pranayama. It assists in ant aging and improves the quality of skin. 

3. It helps to tone up the stomach, liver, bladder, large intestine and digestive system.

4. Pranayama purifies tabular channels and removes sluggishness from the body. It kindles gastric fire, the body becomes healthy and inner voice can be heard.

5. The consistent practice of pranayama rouses spiritual power which gives oneself spiritual joy, spiritual light and elevated confidence & concentration.

6. Pranayama’s practice strengthens the nervous system which helps individuals in overall physical and mental abilities.

Pranayama should be done consistently and try to indulge even teens and children at home. This will really help them to overcome mental stress from an early age.

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