Obesity is one of the most significant concerns in numerous countries. The root cause for severe illness and disease is obesity. Let us see some characteristics which causes obesity

1. Age and Sex- 

It can occur at any age in either gender as long as the person is under positive energy balance.

2. Eating habits- 

Nibbling between meals is very common nowadays, it is a potential cause of obesity. Some people eat faster and take less time for chewing, therefore they tend to consume more food. Obese respond to external cues to eat rather than iternal hunger signals. Some might eat more food as a compensation mechanism.

3. Physical activity- 

obesity is found in persons who lead sedentary lives and pay less importance to physical education. 

4. Endocrine factor- Obesity is found in hypothyroidism, hypogonadism and cushing’s syndrome. It is common at puberty, pregnancy, menopause, suggesting endocrine maybe a factor in obesity.

5. Genetic factors-

 Genetic inheritance probably influences 50-70% a person’s chance of becoming fat. There is upto 80% chance of becoming fat if both parents are obese and only 7% if neither parent is obese.

6. Trauma- 

Obesity may follow due to damage to hypothalamus after head injury because it is not able to regulate appetite.

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