Carbohydrates are one of the important and essential nutrients in the human diet. Carbs in the body function primarily in the form of glucose, although a few have structural roles.

1. They are the major source of energy.  Each gram yields approximately 4Kcal, regardless of the source.

2. Glucose is indispensable

 for maintaining the functional integrity of the nerve tissue and under normal circumstances, is the sole source of energy for the brain.

3. The presence of carbohydrates is necessary for normal fat metabolism, in the absence of sufficient carbs, larger amounts of fat are used for energy than the body is equipped to handle and oxidation is incomplete. 

4. Lactose remains in the intestines longer than other disaccharides and thus encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria, resulting in a laxative action. 

5. Glucuronic acid, a metabolite of glucose, functions in the liver to combine with chemical and bacterial toxins as well as with some normal metabolites to convert them into a form in which they may be excreted.

6. Carbohydrates and their derivatives serve as precursors to compounds such as nucleic acids, connective tissue matrix and galactosidase of nerve tissue.

 So carbs are very important for a balanced diet and can’t be underlooked during weight loss regime completely or avoided in daily meals.

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