Physical fitness test or fitness assessment helps to evaluate our physical health data. Fitness tests are part of the exercise regime in beginning, sports or any competition. This gives an overview and brief about the individual. It is like a green signal to perform and participate in activities. There are numerous ways to identify the baseline health of trainees.

In short fitness testings determine:

  1. To know current fitness levels
  2. To design the proper exercise schedule as per fitness level
  3. To understand the progress of person
  4. Determining general health

The trainer might even ask the individual several questions related to past medical, workout history. The fitness test assures you that you will not be prone to any kind of sports injuries or enhance any past trouble. The fitness assessment is done on the basis of individual goal and aim. Skipping a fitness test might land people in serious trouble which may even prove fatal in certain instances.

The assessment comprises non physical and physical tests. The Non physical test is on the basis of posture, body composition and body measurements while the physical tests include like  rockport test, muscular endurance test and flexibility test. The vital data of individuals like age, height, BMI, RHR  is essential in physical tests. All the test gives a number which will change after consistent workout and efforts. I believe, numbers speak at the end of  day!

A marvelous fitness assessment will not only help to design your workout, but you will know yourself better and clever to take decisions accordingly. This data is like a ‘plan’ of your upcoming goal.

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