How much water to drink in a day?

Water constitutes as one of the major components in the human body. Right from flushing toxins out and assisting your nutrients reach every cell is the main function. It also helps to cushion your joints. As we all know upto 60% of the human body is made of water, so a right amount of water intake is very significant. We can fast upto 3 weeks without food, but only 3-4 days without water!  I know very well, many of us still are in turmoil to meet the exact requirement of water on a daily basis. We must upfrontly ask our family, friends and doctor; but still need the close answer. This article will definitely help you with the right answer!

Health authorities have recommended upto 2 litres daily, but this number can go up or down. IOM recommends 3L for men and 2L for women. This is the intake for general health, rear and tear of the body.  The number varies on other numerous factors along with lifestyle. Excess intake can lead to nausea, vomiting and cramps, low sodium levels and several health related problems. Too much will also make your life hectic, when you will surely need to rush to the washroom every other hour!

The factors that can influence daily consumption is your physical activity, climate, age, illness, diet and other medical conditions. Also remember, fruits, vegetables, energy and aerated drinks, alcohol and other stuff consist of water which is added after your regular consumption.In case of medical issues and pregnancy; doctor will advise you for minimum or maximum intake.

If you are living a sedentary life, you can go with IOM recommendations. The intake will be high if physical activity is included in life. As a kid, you can go with 6-8 cups, since they are in the growing phase. In hot climates, intake can enhance and vice versa in winters.  In short, nobody can tell the exact number for a particular person, since we are located at different demographics, different lifestyle and standards of

Here, you need to consider the external factors i.e climate, work environment,  activities involved, age and internal factors like your thirst, medical concerns if any,  kind of diet intake daily. 

You need to really give time and think about yourself more to get near answers. I hope after going through this article, you definitely research and note down your daily regime about your life and get approx daily intake!

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