The Qualities of a successful personal trainer

1. Helping nature: A personal trainer is nothing but helping a client to achieve his/her goals and when you are ready help anyone and everyone you can never have empty working slots. 

2. Discipline: Being a personal trainer means being someone who walks the talk . The personal trainer who takes care of his/her body and is in extremely good shape seems more reliable than a trainer who doesn’t show the signs of fitness on his/her own body. Great fitness levels of a personal trainer require discipline and to give your clients the desired results also needs behavioural discipline. Personal trainer must wear a “behavioural uniform” Before getting out of the home  for the job.  Being punctual, being regular  makes one a reliable trainer.

3. Knowledge: No matter how fit a trainer seems if one doesn’t have enough knowledge, he/she cannot give the fitness solution to the clients. So constant updating and Upgrading is needed to be a cut above. Knowing more and more about new exercise and using them while giving a fitness solution to a client is one of the key areas of the work for any personal trainer. 

4. Enthusiasm, passion and consistency: Being enthusiastic will make the training more interesting and full of energy. Being passionate about the work will keep you interested in the training and being consistent will surely bring more business. 

5. Being professional: there is a very fine line between being a professional and being formal. When  we meet the client on a daily basis they tend  to share more than their healthy/fitness concerns. A good personal trainer is a good listener. And doesn’t mean that he/she  has to be the personal adviser. One must be empathetic about a client’s goal is crucial to deliver results and when a personal trainer is professional enough this is not difficult. Accepting or demanding things as a gift should be avoided as  in the long run it may damage the professional image or the trainer. Saying no to ourselves requires a certain amount of integrity and a good Personal trainer will be full of that integrity.

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