It is well known that organized people are more productive than others. This holds true training as well. An athlete who plans his training well is more efficient in his or her conditioning. An effective plant strongly depends on periodization. 

The term itself derives from period,which in the case refers to a particular phase of training. But the periodization concept is more than that; it includes the following two aspects of the training program. 

1. Periodization of training plan, or how to divide the plan into smaller phases that is easier to manage. 

2. Periodization of motor abilities (strength, speed and endurance) or how to manipulate sequence of training methods and concepts to produce qualities such as power, power endurance or muscular endurance. 

Anyone using periodization will feel it’s benefits. First, it provides a better, more effective way of arranging a plan, in which training loads and stresses alter from phase to phase. Similarly, periodization builds specific emphasis on volume (quantity) and intensity (quality, speed and power) of training into each phase. 

Your client need not be a champion athlete for whom this system was designed originally. Research has proved that periodization is the core concept of any training program. Schedules adhering to the periodization theory is the only effective methodology of training. Thus, it applies to be a champion athlete, a body builder or a fitness buff alike. Thus, I can rightly say that a trainer without the knowledge of periodization is incomplete. 


We all know that no two human beings are similar. Then how can the schedule be the same for any two? Well, I guess that says it all. Considering this, we need to understand what are the factors to look out for so as to differ  one individual from another. Training is always dynamic. It is never the same. As time passes priorities change, training demands change and they have to be me accordingly. 

Your client may differ in the following ways :

 1. Muscle fiber type

2. Gender

3. Recovery speed

4. Training for ATP/Captivities 

5. Training for Glycolytic activities

6. Training for aerobic Activities

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