The risks of sitting too long and what you should do to stop them.

How will my bottom pain be relieved?

Whenever you lean over or get up, you feel it. It’s the grumbling ache that shoots your lower back and never appears to go away entirely. Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of chronic pain in adults, and is often called lumbago or spondylosis.

TRY Partial Crunches Pain Relief

The partial stomach crunch is one of the classic core strength training sessions. Any crunches create strength in the bottom and associated muscles of your belly, making this a perfect workout for spondylosis patients.

Stretches of Hamstring

Stretches of the hamstring can enhance stability and boost the range of mobility in the hip. The hamstrings are very vulnerable to injuries, and persons who engage in running or sprinting exercises are vulnerable to experiencing tightness or injury in these muscles.


  • Next, with one leg bent, lie on your stomach.
  • Next, loop a towel to the unbent leg under the foot bone.
  • Slowly drawback on the towel and straighten your leg. A soft stretch can be felt around the back of the leg.
  • For at least 15-30 seconds, keep the stretch.
  • Repeat it 5 times for each leg.

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