Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Bananas.

Bananas aren’t fruit, actually. 

Bananas are a fruit and not a fruit at the same time. Although a banana plant is colloquially referred to as a banana tree, it is simply a ginger-related herb, since the plant has a succulent tree stem, rather than a wood stem.

In fact, the yellow stuff you peel and eat is a fruit because it contains the plant’s seeds. The plants are sterile, while bananas have been cultivated commercially, and the seeds have eventually been reduced to small specs.

“And to clarify more banana terminology: bananas grow in what is referred to as “hands,” so-called because of their appearance, which makes up the larger stalk, referred to as a “bunch.

There are a lot more varieties than you thought, perhaps.

It is generally accepted that there are over 1,000 varieties of bananas in the world, which are subdivided into 50 classes and cultivated in more than 150 countries. The Cavendish, the one developed most often for export markets, is the most famous.

Mind Your Skin

For younger-looking skin, banana is perfect, it has vitamins C and B6 that are essential for the skin’s elasticity. There are antioxidants and manganese in the banana that protect the skin against premature aging. And the banana is 75 percent water, fully moisturizing the skin.

Treatment of the Foot

For hydrating and fixing broken heels, bananas are best. Banana pulp on broken heels for 10 minutes will give you versatile feet that look soft.

Pleasant Banana Facts

  • Musa sapientum is the scientific name of the Banana (Fruit of wise men)
  • In the production of cloth and even paper, banana fiber is used to create fabric.
  • Using the inside skin of a banana to polish a leather shoe. The finest finish may be banana hide.
  • Bananas are capable of floating on water.
  • Use the inside of the banana peel to polish your silver utensils and silver ornaments, clean them with a cotton rag, and let them shine.

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