Essences can be added to the bath simply for pleasure, to aid restful sleep, to help skin problems, relieve muscular and other pains. Sprinkle four to six drops of essential oil on the water’s surface and stir the water to disperse the oil. If you have dry skin, you may wish to mix the essence with a few teaspoonfuls of a vegetable base oil, such as almond, walnut or coconut. In this there are methods like salt bath, foot and hand baths, Hip bath or douche, aromatic bath and sauna.

2) Compress-

 A compress is a valuable way of treating muscular pain, sprains and bruises as well as reducing pain and congestion in internal organs. There are 2 methods  i.e. hot compress and cold compress.

3) Gargles and Mouthwashes

Gargles containing essences such as sandalwood or lemon are helpful for sore throats and laryngitis. The simplest method for making a gargle or mouthwash is to add one drop of essential oil to a small glass containing two teaspoons of cider vinegar.

4) Inhalations-

 Inhalations can help relieve cold and flu symptoms, cough and other respiratory ailments. Essences of rosemary and peppermint are said to stimulate clarity of thought.

5) Neat application- 

Provided that the skin is cooled first under cold running water for at least 5 minutes. Later essential oils can be applied neat to minor burns and scalds.

6) Massage-

Therapeutic massage is the main method used by aromatherapists, but it can be practiced equally at home.  When we massage the feet, we stimulate the rest of the body as well. This is because all the organs, hands and muscles in the human body have nerves ending in soles of the feet.

These are some of the significant ways through which aroma oil benefits our human body.

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