Scheduling is very important for a proper exercise regime. To be focused and clear about the activities a client needs to do throughout the week/month. To understand the progress of the client in his/her intensity levels and to modify the further schedule accordingly. 

1. Weekly exercise program from 1 to 6 

2. If one is doing circuit training then following things must be mentioned:

•Number of circuits 

•Number of repetitions per exercise

•Rest Between the circuits in minute/seconds 

3. If one is following traditional weight training/cardio routine following constans of weight training must be mentioned

•Number of sets exercise

•Number of repetitions per set

•Rest between sets in seconds/minutes 

4.Caloric target / THR / time for the cardio activity

5. Constants for core isometric workout(like weight training) 

6. Constants for core isometric workout

•Number of holds one need to do

•Time period of number of seconds to hold

•Rest between the holds 

7. Weight training exercise sequence

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