What is Functional training?

Functional training is a method of training in which you focus on the integration of multiple muscle groups while exercising the entire body. Rather than attempting to isolate individual muscle groups with exercises performed in the restrictive postures,  functional training encourages complex multi joint movements.

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The face of exercise is changing. The days of attempting to “isolate” an individual muscle group improve one’s overall health are waning. Machines are now created to be more functional. The exercise we practice should integrate the use of multi muscle groups and be applicable to the physical tasks we perform throughout the day. 

Balance and coordination is necessary while moving our muscles and joints through varied ranges of motion movements with added resistance during exercise.  Practicing these movements with added resistance during exercise makes us more efficient as we perform life’s daily functions.

Functional fitness challenges the exerciser to perform several tasks simultaneously. To effectively exercise the muscles targeted during a particular set, the exerciser must first control the muscles that are not targeted by maintaining proper posture and current alignment of the torso.

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