Height growth and myths

Height increase and growth is a significant part of human life where we have almost no control. Increasing height naturally apart from genetics is a challenging task.

Height is add on to any human being’s personality. It does not create any physical problems whether you are short or tall, except when growth hormone is disturbed or untreated.

Teenagers are bothered about height growth and want to know approximately how they will grow and various other questions. There are no miracles or any evidence which will help you grow once you hit puberty with closed growth plates. The age of puberty varies here in boys and girls. External factors to influence height is around 10 to 20% which should be followed before puberty. You can add maximum 1-2 inches with external factors.

 Height myths come along during Height growth. Some doubts and myths might cause hustle in our life and Growing phase. Drinking too much coffee, lifting heavyweights, and going to the gym early are some of the most common myths. 

Height is a significant aspect during the growing phase in one’s life. Keeping in mind genetics, we really need to take care and follow external steps wisely  to see benefits in height growth. External factors are also bounded by common myths which creates confusion and misconception amongst numerous people and teenagers.

People get easily distracted in rumors and myths and this might lead to severe consequences too. So always think positive and focus more on constructive tasks.

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