Pituitary gland meditation technique for height growth

Pituitary gland meditation is a technique to activate your pituitary gland to assist in height growth. Height meditation has numerous positives and negatives. This meditation is very useful during the growing phase and can add up to 2-3 inches if done properly.

Meditation to increase height is not easy.  It is an ancient technique that demands a good concentration power, consistency, and dedication. Apart it is more significant to understand about pituitary gland , how it works rather than pituitary gland meditation. Pituitary gland function in height growth is discussed in detail. As we all know everything in life has good and bad sides. 


Day 1 to 5: Initial planning

The initial 5 days are like warming up before you start your actual workout. If you follow this steps accurately the next step will be easier

1. Take a white paper.

2. Mark a red or yellow dot on the paper.

3. Stick this paper on the wall.

4. Sit against the wall with your back straight.

5. Focus on the dot.

6. The dot should be in a straight line with the midpoint of your eyebrows just above your nose. The dot should be at a distance of 25-30 cm from your eyes.

7. Focus on the dot without blinking your eyes.

8. Keep staring until the dot appears.

9. This should take about 2-3 minutes.

10. You can blink if water is oozing out of your eyes.

Day 6-8: One Step ahead!

This process will be a bit complicated but we need results so focus is important.

1. Draw a very small circle around the dot you were focusing on for the last 5 days.

2. Focus on this circle and try not to blink.

3. Keep focusing until the circle disappears.

4. You will see a greenish-yellow light.

5. This might take 5 to 6 minutes.

Day 9-15: The major days

1. These are some very significant days. You will have to focus on a pea-sized dot now. You haven’t come that far just to quit.

2. Draw another circle around the previously drawn circle.

3. This should not exceed the size of a pea.

4. Focus on this circle until it becomes invisible.

5. Stop the process when the circle disappears.

6. Do not force yourself. This should not take more than 10 minutes and if you cannot make the circle disappear then you can try the next day.

Day 15-21: Imagining the Dot in Your Mind

The process is about to complete. You are almost there.

1. Now you have to imagine the picture of the circle in your head.

2. Focus on that pea-sized circle.

3. Make the circle disappear.

4. Once the circle disappears, close your eyes.

5. You would see that dot in your mind.

6. Now imagine the dot in your head and focus it in the middle of both your eyebrows just above your nose. Imagine It for 2 minutes.

7. Now open your eyes and relax.

The process is complete. When you imagine that dot in your mind with eyes closed, the pituitary gland releases the growth hormones. Hopefully, you will gain a few inches by practicing this meditation.

After 21 days, measure your height to see if you have made some progress. You would definitely see a slight difference in your height when you compare it with your previous height. You can practice this technique for 3 months and you can increase your height by 2-3 inches. This whole process is time-consuming. You will not get the results immediately

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