How to boost your immunity in lockdown?

The world is dealing with a corona virus crisis, and to win this fight we need to follow certain protocols. Lockdown, isolation, self quarantine, social distancing and following basic ethics is the only way to prevent ourselves from this deadly disease which is a threat to mankind. In this turmoil situation, numerous people are spending time at home and honestly adapted to this phase.

The healthy daily regime consists of cooking, basic exercise,work from home, household chores and communicating with family along going to bed on time.

In this phase, most people may have recollected their past memories, inculcated new hobbies and attempted to learn new stuff. Let us learn the techniques to handle our jeans specifically.

As we know, prevention is the only way to protect yourself from this deadly disease. We are getting daily updates on news and social media about the covid19 deaths and simultaneously people who got cured too.

The self resistance does not develop in a day, but with consistent efforts. People are recovered by the Lord’s blessing, doctor’s priceless effort and finally your self resistance to fight. The immunity is a condition of being able to resist a particular disease.

Let us check out simple ways, where you can really enhance your immunity to fight any infection.

Sleep- It is the most essential factor to improve your immunity. Sleep is the only way where your body heals itself. Most people skip or don’t fulfill the daily sleep  requirement which leads to several problems. In this lockdown, it is the right time to schedule your sleep irrespective of any certainties.

Diet- The diet is the second important factor once you decide your sleep pattern. You make sure the food you consume daily is nutritious and has all the macro and micro nutrients. I would advise cooking healthy food and avoid junkies.

Exercise- If you are a wellness freak or aware about physical activity, you can definitely schedule your home workout. In case you are a beginner or dealing with any medical concerns, you can definitely watch tutorials on the internet and at least begin with basic stretching and warm up. The pro tip here is to take a doctor’s prescription, if you have a severe medical history or concern.

Quit- It is said in a research, our body takes minimum 21 days to give up completely on any addiction or habit. I am discussing smoking, drinking or any type of drug consumption. Probably, this would be the best and challenging time in this era.

Cognitive health- After above 4 factors, your mental health and development is key. Your bonding with family members and interacting with positive people on social media will keep your mind active and healthy. Book reading is an add on in this task, if you get some more free time.

Hence, I conclude here with my opinion to boost your immunity. The above tips are actually easy to follow, it just needs your time and dedication. I believe this lockdown is the best time to change yourself entirely.

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