Health Benefits of Playing Badminton. (pt.2)

As we have already discussed some mind-blowing health benefits of playing badminton let’s have a look at some more as it is not done yet we have more….

Badminton’s key health advantages are reducing bad cholesterol with daily badminton playing and rising healthy cholesterol. The only good cholesterol in our body is poor cholesterols, triglycerides, medium-density lipoproteins (LDLs), and very low-density lipoproteins (VLDLs). 

Psychological advantages 

Badminton tends to relieve depression and anxiety, as it encourages physical health. Exercises improve the sensitivity and sleep of endorphins, which are the good-feeling neurotransmitters in the brain. 

In fact, it was found that playing badminton decreases the chance of mortality by around 23 percent in the next 20 years and increases survival by at least 2 years before you recover cardiac development or moderate breathlessness frequently in the middle ages. The best health advantages are obtained by playing badminton with sufficient warm-up for at least 30 minutes a day.

Cures elevated blood pressure  or hypertension

The social sport is badminton. You meet many people who play the same sport and it might make you feel good. You’re kept busy and your mood and sleep are enhanced. This allows you to calm and alleviate tension and anxiety.

Increases attention and reflex response

This sport raises the player’s focus. When the game is played easily, it speeds up and strengthens the reflexes. Knowledge is also a consideration as players must know with any shot not to disappoint their adversaries.

Strong, enthusiastic, cheerful, and young.   It helps to prevent depression, anxiety, stress, and self-esteem. It also lets you get more sleep through the night, reducing to a minimum the incidence of prior sleep disorders

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