Exercise to build leg muscles

When working out at home, you will build muscle, you only need to select the correct workouts. To concentrate on bodyweight workouts and any equipment you have at your side, you can change your normal muscle building leg day. 

Squats for Bodyweight 

The squat is the holy grail of leg workouts and a stable regimen for everybody’s leg day. But that doesn’t mean you remove it from your home-based exercise simply because you don’t have a barbell or squat rack. 

You don’t work out your legs if you don’t do your squats on and alternating day. This may sound like a diktat to those who believe that healthy leg workouts require cycling and running. Squatting, though, exercises the legs and lower back in a way that helps you build leverage in the muscles. If you are squatting heavy, you can’t develop sustainable muscle mass in the quads. Try multiple squat configurations. It involves: 

  • Medicine squats for balls
  • Freehand squats 
  • Squats with Barbell 
  • Dumbbell squats 
  • Using the Benching Rod/Barbell weighted squats

The squat will still be the go-to exercise while trying to incorporate serious leg muscles, reaching the glutes and quads mainly, while being supported by surrounding muscles.

Lunges Hopping

As they are, lunges are difficult and very effective practice, but let’s make them tougher, will we? The jumping lunge is an advanced version of a standard walking lunge workout, incorporating an additional feature to bump up the speed. Jumping can add an element of destructive strength and cardio-based work between each leg and rep.

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